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  • The company is located in the industrial park of Qiliying Town, Xinxiang City, close to 107 National Highway.

  • Boiler manufacturing, pressure vessel manufacturing, chemical equipment manufacturing.

  • We have 300T, 500T, 800T, 2000T and 5000T punching machine set, 3.6m,6.5m spinning machine set.

  • Actively provide relevant technical consultation and program optimization support according to user needs.

Customized products include: elliptical head, dish head, flat bottom head, conical head, spherical head, spherical crown head, corrugated tube, and various irregular non-standard heads can be customized according to the drawings.
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Our company has been established in 2003. We have a team of employees with excellent professionalism and professional skills. Our customers are widely distributed. Our product specifications cover many industries such as boiler, pressure vessel, chemical, aerospace, nuclear power and medical equipment.

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